Saturday, 26 November 2011

Gone in sixty seconds !

Well the chinese food went down a treat ! even the youngest who can be a fussy eater had a go at everything and really enjoyed it much better than a takeaway and a lot cheaper .

The curry is missing from this pic but I was pretty pleased for the amount we spent

I have learned to cook so many different dishes and bake over the past couple of years and once you have the basics ( baking tins , mixing bowls etc ) it really is a lot cheaper , tastes better and you know exactly what is in it so my mission this week is to bake lots and put recipes and pictures on here my lemon cake is a firm favourite along with Highlander Shortbread so I will start with those tomorrow .

I have already started to mentally make a few New Years Resolutions I make them every year but rarely stick to them last years main one was not to buy any NEWclothing for a year and I would say I have been about 80% successful I have become an avid charity shop fan and had a few good bargains from eBay and altogether have spent just over £100 on clothing since january but I want to do even better next year so I will buy a stock pile of pants and bras before january and try not to buy any clothing at all for 3 months then review my wardrobe for another 3 months and so-on .

Another huge change was buying my bike in 2009 I used to happily hop on a bus or ask hubby to run me here and there but not anymore come rain hail or shine im on my bike , its 5 miles each way to work and I do this 3 times a week and it really is a brilliant cellulite buster and it helped me lose nearly 2 stone and still helps to keep it off .


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