Saturday, 26 November 2011

A bit about me .........................................

Like the title says this is just a bit about me , my name is Julie and I have been reading blogs and post regularly on netmums on one particular thread and its all about saving cash where ever we can .

I used to work full time but for the past 21 months I have worked part-time and it has been a bit of a shock to the system to say the least im very happily married to Gavin who I have been with for 18 years ,we have 2 sons Kaine 13 and Jude 6 I have muddled my way through the past year and a half but next year is going to be the year I take the bull by the horns and try and get to grips with Frugality once and for all kind of a new years resolution .

So far I have managed to cut our food bill down by more than half , I really think very carefully about every purchase and pay cash wherever possible and we ebay anything that is unwanted or no longer fits etc .

I know there are lots of blogs about saving money but I want this one to be about living frugally but still being fulfilled and happy .

This evening we are having a chinese banquet ( I use this term loosley but the kids think its a banquet so hey-ho so be it ) and it really didn't cost a lot we paid a visit to the Chinese Supermarket for most of it and wow it is so cheap granted its mainly bulk items but when you break it down it saves lots of £££ .

Tonights Menu

Rice ( store cupboard )
Noodles ( 95p for huge bag around 10 portions wil use 2 for tea )
Prawn crackers ( 2KG bag £3.95 these will last forever !!!)
Chinese platter (Asda whoopsie £1.20 spring rolls, wontons, prawn toast
Sweet & Sour  ( HM with veggies and sauce approx 40p )
Chicken Curry  ( 2 chicken breasts with sauce made from powder approx £2.20 )
Fortune cookies 15p each

So when you break it down for just over a fiver we have a lovely Chinese banquet which will be eaten by all with chopsticks .

I have also re-discovered the joys of  Crafts its so satisfying making something from scratch or up-cycling something thats a little worse for wear so will be adding lots of pics of all my crafty projects .

I hope you come back and read more


                                                   Here is a pic of me and hubby

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