Monday, 28 November 2011

Busy couple of days

Well I have had a very busy 2 days we have embarked on the pre-xmas blitz yesterday afternoon we ventured into the boys room and completly emptied it apart from furnature and sorted every toy box and nook and cranny some went to the recycling centre some to charity and some is sitting in a bag ready to be ebayed , today its been washing drying ironing accomponied by cleaning dusting vaccing and mopping and the house is looking pretty clean tidy and organised ( for how long is anybodys guess ) .

I was trying to put a few recipes on here but my pictures won't upload so will try again tomorrow .

My parents have decided against xmas gifts this year and instead grand kids are getting cash and couples are getting a £50 asda card ( I have budgeted another £50 )so my next big challenge is to get all of our xmas food for £100 that is for EVERYTHING !!! so every penny will count , I have a £5 off a £40 shop voucher so will be using that towards the "Big xmas shop" in the past I have spent as much as £200 and its pretty much all been rubbish snacky things that have gone in days so this year I want it to last at least 2 weeks , but I think I can rise to the challenge , so I will search out some bargains and share whatever I find .

My sewing basket is beckoning so I will sign off


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