Monday, 19 December 2011

Its nearly here !!!

.................................................and dont we just know it , I have a very over exited 6 year old asking me how many more sleeps mum .

I did want to post a lot more regularly but I have been very busy and my laptop is dying a very slow and painful death ( keeps switching its self off , the H has come off and the bottom is held on with tape ) .

We have finished all the food shopping apart from the veggies and more milk , the kids pressies are wrapped and "hidden" and now we are just playing the waiting game . We have been to our youngest's nativity had a drive out to look at all the xmas lights and tonight have been for our family xmas meal ( carefully chosen at the Handmade burger Co as we get 30% as hubby is a student ) so im feeling very festive and looking forward to the weekend and the best part is this year none of it will be hanging over us on credit cards .

I was very cheeky in asda I had 2 "£5 off a £40 shop vouchers" which they let me use on one transaction as I asked them I also had £6 in other vouchers I had saved so got £16 off then checked my recipt online the day after and got a voucher for £9.74 so altogether I got the grand total of £25.74 of FREE shopping , then hubby's friend who works in a slaughter house got us 2 huge gammon and 2 huge pork joints (also FREE) which we cut in half so 8 joints of meat on top of all our xmas food this will keep us going probably well into february .

We did have a bit of a spend in Primark at the weekend we bought the most Vile tacky xmas jumpers we could find and wore them tonight for our meal out and will wear them on xmas day and when we go visiting they are pretty gross but lots of fun .

Cumbrian - Thankyou very much for your comment Merry Christmas to you



  1. Nice to see you're ready for the big day.

    Asda was nice to me tonight as well.
    They whoopsied 2 fish pies to 10p, and then rang them in at full price £1.62. A visit to the Customer Services reulted in a reund of £3.04 AND a £2 card to say sorry.
    So they actually paid me £1.15 to do my 85p total shop.

    All I need now is a friend who works in a slaughter house!
    Wish I could do that every night.

  2. Just a little follow-up.
    The fish pies were very nice, but neither of us could identify any actual fish in them, seemed to be a mix of mashed potatoes and parsley.
    Suppose for 10p I couldn't say much, but I wouldn't have liked to pay full price.

  3. Just found your lovely blog through other people`s blogs. Looks very much like the sort of blog I would enjoy myself, so will pop in from time to time to touch base with you. Have a lovely Christmas!